December 3, 2022

VIDEO: ‘Ghost Kid’ Takes A Stroll On An Australian Highway

Someone driving down the highway near Bardia, New South Wales just about hopped out of their seat when a child-like figure appeared in

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Bigfoot & Creatures

‘Bigfoot’ Spotted At A South Carolina State Park (PHONE INTERVIEW)

Three visitors to a state park in South Carolina claim they saw an animal they believe could be Bigfoot. The three people visited

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Pop Culture Science

‘Time Traveler’ With Cellphone Seen In The Crowd At A 1977 Elvis Presley Concert

Footage from a 1977 concert shows fans going wild for the King of Rock ‘n Roll as he does his thing on stage in an

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Aliens & UFOs

VIDEO: Glowing Eyes Trigger A Trail Camera in Australia

Well, over in Australia, a motion-activated trail camera captured some wonky footage of what seems to be a small creature minding its own

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VIDEO: ‘SpeedFolding’ Robot Wants To Fold Your Laundry

Researchers at the University of California-Berkeley unveiled a robot that they said can fold clothes faster than any previous automaton.

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Aliens & UFOs Science

Shark Looks Like A Xenomorph from the ‘Alien’ Films

Take a look at this underwater nightmare. When you first catch a glimpse of it, this ferocious eel-like monster looks like something out

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Woman Tumbles Headfirst Into An Outdoor Toilet

Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly said the woman, who was at the top of Mt. Walker, had been using her phone when it

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VIDEO: Ghost-like Oddity is Caught on Camera at an England Pub

The intriguing figure with two green orbs was filmed at the Twa Dogs Inn, England. Is that a ghost carrying a lantern? The

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Pop Culture Strange/Funny

ROCK ON! Wonky Dogs With Killer Mullets

These pooches are reminding us that it’s okay to mix business with a little bit of partying. There’s something strange happening on the

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