VIDEO: ‘Ghost’ Knocks Over A Pint Of Beer At An English Pub

Surveillance footage that was shared on social media shows an apparent spirit of some sort spilling a full pint. Here’s a story that’s creepy enough to give you the chills — not just because...

‘Home Alone’ House Is On Airbnb & It Comes Equipped With Booby Traps

Booking begins on Tuesday, December 7 at 1 p.m. central, and the proceeds go to La Rabida’s Children’s Hospital. Oh, boy. This Airbnb is showing up just in time for the holidays. I mean, plenty of one-of-a...

Company Is Going To Pay Someone $280K To Put Their Face On Robots

They received over 20,000 applications and the client has decided to suspend the request collection. Credit: Promobot Robots can be creepy but this idea makes it better, right? Promobot, which calls itself as...



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