February 2, 2023
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Aliens & UFOs

VIDEO: Disc-Shaped UFO Spotted From An Airplane Window

It’s likely that passengers on airplanes see weird things in the sky, but it’s not every day that someone thinks.

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Aliens & UFOs

Seagulls Are Alien Spies Sent To Watch Us, According To UFO Investigator

Nick Pope, who once worked as a Government advisor and investigated UFOs for the MoD, is encouraging people to think.

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Paranormal Pop Culture

VIDEO: ‘Demon’ Makes An Appearance On Tik Tok

TikTok users have been officially alarmed, to say the least, by what a creepy figure captured in a video tutorial.

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Pop Culture Science

‘Time Traveler’ With Cellphone Seen In The Crowd At A 1977 Elvis Presley Concert

Footage from a 1977 concert shows fans going wild for the King of Rock ‘n Roll as he does his thing on.

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Aliens & UFOs Science

Shark Looks Like A Xenomorph from the ‘Alien’ Films

Take a look at this underwater nightmare. When you first catch a glimpse of it, this ferocious eel-like monster looks.

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