May 31, 2023
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Bigfoot & Creatures

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Sasquatch Takes A Stroll On A Family’s Property In Washington

Some sort of unidentified hairy hominid was photographed in a remote area of Pierce County back in August 2020. The.

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Aliens & UFOs Science

Shark Looks Like A Xenomorph from the ‘Alien’ Films

Take a look at this underwater nightmare. When you first catch a glimpse of it, this ferocious eel-like monster looks.

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Paranormal Podcasts

PODCAST: Things That Scared Us As Kids (PART ONE)

Hey, would you look at that? This podcast episode takes place on April 21, AKA Matt’s birthday. In this episode,.

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Creepy Figure Caught On Camera Near A Baby’s Crib

There's a spooky photo making its rounds on the internet, and it's not getting any easier to look at.

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Pop Culture Strange/Funny

ROCK ON! Wonky Dogs With Killer Mullets

These pooches are reminding us that it’s okay to mix business with a little bit of partying. There’s something strange.

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