September 23, 2023
Bigfoot & Creatures Podcasts

PODCAST: The Sightings & Sounds of Sasquatch

RoboBrian and Matt share a voicemail they received from John in upstate New York who had a pretty crazy Sasquatch encounter. Plus, speaking.

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Paranormal Podcasts

PODCAST: Things That Scared Us As Kids (PART ONE)

Hey, would you look at that? This podcast episode takes place on April 21, AKA Matt’s birthday. In this episode, RoboBrian sings “Happy.

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Aliens & UFOs Podcasts Pop Culture

PODCAST: Jim Sullivan’s “U.F.O.” & Wonky Disappearance

A follow-up ended up being released on the short-lived Playboy Records, part of Hugh Hefner’s media empire, but that too proved disappointing. His.

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