December 6, 2023
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UFO Visits A Bolivian Village & Drops Off A Bunch Of Chupacabras

Residents of a village in Bolivia claim to have witnessed a UFO landing wherein the craft subsequently released a chupacabra-like creature into their community. The very strange incident reportedly occurred in the town of Monteagudo when observers first spotted a puzzling halo of light appear in the sky and then descend to the ground.

“There was a crash, like thunder,” recalled Bolivian UFO researcher Javier Aliaga, who indicated that the object appeared to be “throwing fire.” Things took an even weirder turn when those on the scene saw some kind of entity exit the craft. According to witnesses, this interstellar interloper stood approximately one foot tall and sported three fingers on each of its hands. The mysterious visitor is also said to have possessed very large eyes, yet was unable to see, although how exactly that was determined is uncertain.

Upon exiting the craft, concerned residents claim, the oddity proceeded to wander the streets frightening children who were watching this all unfold. The creature, which many likened to the legendary chupacabra, eventually vanished into the night and the craft that appeared to deliver it to Earth also disappeared.

All that was left behind from the case were some curious impressions in the ground and several shaken residents. To that end, Aliaga has understandably called for a scientific investigation into the matter, though whether such an undertaking occurs seems doubtful.

That said, the incident was intriguing enough that it was covered on the Telemundo program Al Rojo Vivo, which interviewed witnesses and showcased some of their drawings of the creature as well as the markings purportedly left behind by the UFO.

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