February 2, 2023
Bigfoot & Creatures Science

Ohio Artist’s Bigfoot Sculpture To Be Archived On The Moon

Dan Chudzinski, who's a northwest Ohio artist and sculptor, began his larger-than-life rendition of the classic folklore monster — titled "Evasive Species" —

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Bigfoot & Creatures

The Story Of Krampus: The Anti-Santa Who Punishes Kids With Season’s Beatings

They say he comes on the evening of December 5th, a night called “Krampusnacht.” You can usually hear him coming, as the soft

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Bigfoot & Creatures

Bigfoot Database: 100+ Years Of Bigfoot Sightings In The U.S. & Canada

Founded in 1995, they claim to be the only scientific research organization exploring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch mystery.

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Science Strange/Funny

Murder Of Crows: Dozens Of Birds Found Dead In Canada

Several people visiting the Central Valley Greenway near Still Creek (Canada) were confronted by a morbid sight — a large number of dead

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The World’s Longest Walk Is More Than 14K Miles

So, how long is this longest walkable distance across Earth’s surface? Well, it’s about 14,334 miles and it’s equivalent to the distance from

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Creepy Figure Caught On Camera Near A Baby’s Crib

There's a spooky photo making its rounds on the internet, and it's not getting any easier to look at.

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Aliens & UFOs

Protected By Aliens? Residents In These Two Mexico Cities Believe So

Some folks put on a nightlight to keep them safe at night. The residents of Madero and Tampico believe that nearby extraterrestrials are

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Paranormal Pop Culture

VIDEO: ‘Demon’ Makes An Appearance On Tik Tok

TikTok users have been officially alarmed, to say the least, by what a creepy figure captured in a video tutorial that demonstrates how

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Aliens & UFOs Bigfoot & Creatures

UFO Visits A Bolivian Village & Drops Off A Bunch Of Chupacabras

The very strange incident reportedly occurred in the town of Monteagudo when observers first spotted a puzzling halo of light appear in the

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Pop Culture Strange/Funny

VIDEO: Dude Puts 509 Lanyards Around His Neck For A Guinness World Record

An Illinois man with multiple Guinness World Records added another title when he donned 509 lanyards at once. Woodstock resident Salacnib “Sonny” Molina,

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