May 31, 2023
Aliens & UFOs

Seagulls Are Alien Spies Sent To Watch Us, According To UFO Investigator

Nick Pope, who once worked as a Government advisor and investigated UFOs for the MoD, is encouraging people to think twice about trusting those seagulls seen flying around beaches. He said that, besides stealing your lunch, they could pose a more serious threat by gathering information and evidence for an advanced alien race.

Spooky, right?

During an interview with The Mirror, Pope suggested that if an advanced extraterrestrial race wanted to keep tabs on our activities here on planet Earth — in a sneak way — all it would need to do is disguise its monitoring devices. For example, make them look like common types of animals.

More specifically, types of animals that some folks see all the time.

“If aliens want to hack into and control a living organism, or construct a drone that’s a perfect mimic, it would be best to choose something ordinary and ubiquitous, like a seagull or a housefly,” said Pope. “Something you wouldn’t normally pay much attention to, perhaps. But all the time, it would be spying on us, recording everything, and sending information about us back to the alien homeworld.”

Come to think of it, seagulls and houseflies can be equally as troublesome when you’re trying to enjoy a meal. Maybe these types of aliens think what they’re doing is funny.

“So next time you move to swat that fly, watch out – your actions might inadvertently start an interstellar war,” said Pope.

“Any civilization capable of getting here from other star systems undoubtedly has technology that would seem like magic to us, and one possibility is that they might be able to implant a living creature with tiny cameras and recording devices, and then control its thoughts to position it anywhere of interest,” said Pope. “A related alternative would be to construct drones that are indistinguishable from an animal, a bird, or an insect. If that sounds like science fiction, it isn’t. People have probably seen on the internet some images of insect-like drones that spy agencies allegedly use.”

Okay, so this may all sound pretty far-fetched, but it does at least have some merit. Right now, there are even examples of human-made robots designed to look and behave like insects.

“The military and the intelligence agencies have things that look like they come out of a sci-fi movie or a James Bond film,” said Pope. “There are some real-life Qs out there, for sure, so just imagine what an alien Q could do.”

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