December 6, 2023
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VIDEO: Shapeshifter Caught on Security Camera in Mexico

In a bizarre twist captured by a security camera in Mexico, an uncanny figure seems to undergo a mysterious transformation from an animal to a person. This puzzling incident reportedly occurred in the garage of a residence in Nava, with the chilling video surfacing on TikTok.

The footage unfolds as a man tends to some chairs while his dog explores the area. Abruptly, the canine’s attention fixates on the garage door, where a dark, four-legged entity seemingly materializes out of thin air. Upon investigation by the man, the enigmatic form undergoes a perplexing metamorphosis, shrinking and evolving into an entirely different shape.

Though the specifics of the encounter remain elusive, it’s evident that the man was visibly disturbed, swiftly retreating into his house through a side door. During his absence, the strange figure transforms into what appears to be a person, who subsequently departs the scene. Upon the man’s return with his wife, the mystifying entity has vanished without a trace.

Since its online debut, the video has gained rapid attention in Mexico, with speculations ranging from the possibility of a folkloric shapeshifter called a nahual to assertions that the eerie visitor may have been a witch.

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