September 23, 2023

Creepy Figure Caught On Camera Near A Baby’s Crib

There’s a spooky photo making its rounds on the internet, and it’s not getting any easier to look at.

It shows an eerie figure hanging out over the crib of a child and the kid’s grandma suspects that it is some kind of sinister entity. The woman, who is currently remaining anonymous, – I don’t blame her – shared the photo with a Facebook group devoted to the paranormal.

According to her, the strangeness started when she noticed that her two-year-old granddaughter was talking to some unseen person on a regular basis. That’s what inspired the grandmother to set up a baby monitor in the girl’s room to see what might be behind the strangeness.

Here’s what she shared to the Facebook group The Paranormal Society of Northeast GA:

“Has been making contact of some sort with my 2-year-old granddaughter and 7-month-old grandson. It started out talking to the 2-year-old. Keeps her up every night, usually laughing and talking…until one night we heard her telling it no, and to go away…My son thought he heard me in the room talking to her but I wasn’t there. They have also heard a man’s voice from the room, cabinets in the kitchen have started opening, curtains open and close in front of us. The closet in the baby’s room was 49 degrees last night, the rest of the house was 70 degrees. Also, we were told to burn the nettle salt and Palo Santo and it kept going out and wouldn’t stay lit, every time we tried to light it a song would come on by itself and would play for 5 seconds then turn off and kept doing that it would stop until we tried to burn that stuff again… the song is silly but it is All American Rejects “move along” and the other one was “leave me alone” those songs are not even on their playlist. And after we attempted to burn that there were tons of orbs all over the camera more than I have ever seen. And every night since there are tons of orbs I counted over 25 in a 6-minute time frame. And it looks like the 2-year-old can see the orbs she watches them fly around the room (we have that on camera). So I guess obviously my main concern is that it’s not there to harm us. But I kinda feel like it’s trying to get our attention to tell us something. How do I find this out and who it is. I kinda feel like I know who it is, by the way, I feel when I enter the room.”

Now, it’s hard to say what the heck this thing is, but it’s either a ghost of some sort or maybe an intruder that has been breaking into the house every day, wearing nothing but a spandex one-piece suit.

We’re not banking on the latter.

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