September 23, 2023

VIDEO: ‘Ghost’ Knocks Over A Motorcycle In India

The “Sons of Anarchy” don’t have nothin’ on this bad ghost.

The intriguing clip, which was reportedly filmed back in December 2020 before being snagged and shared online, shows a pleasant street in India with two motorcycles parked at the side of the road. If you watch around the 15-second mark in the video, one of the motorcycles suddenly starts to roll forward for no reason before collapsing in the middle of the road a few moments later.

You can check out the clip for yourself below…

So, not much is known about the footage other than that it was posted on Twitter by user Amber Zaidi. If you translate the tweet to English, it says “Imprisoned on camera, otherwise, no one believes.”

The footage has since generated tens of thousands of views and hundreds of comments, with users speculating over whether or not the culprit was paranormal in nature. Some people say it’s a hoax, others think it’s totally real, and the ghost thinks it’s incredibly hilarious that it trashed someone’s motorcycle.

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