September 23, 2023
Bigfoot & Creatures

VIDEO: Bigfoot Allegedly Interviewed by Phone in Nebraska

The Bigfoot fellow or ma’am had incredible service during the historical conversation.

Strange things are happening in Nebraska.

Recently, there was a Sasquatch conference, and while on stage, a researcher purportedly spoke to the legendary cryptid on the phone and shared the conversation with people in attendance. No, the Sasquatch didn’t ask “Can you hear me now?” Instead, the Bigfoot fellow or ma’am had incredible service, but it was still hard to hear what the creature was saying.

During the unbelievable conversation, Igor Burtsev translated the Sasquatch’s unique language, which might best be described as a series of annoying squawks and grumbles, and shared insights from the incredible creature. Mostly, he translated the Sasquatch’s feelings about poachers and people who pollute its forest habitat.

Luckily, someone in the crowd captured a portion of the historic conversation and uploaded it to YouTube, providing what may be the first-ever recording of Bigfoot’s voice.

What’s your take on this weird conversation that sounds almost identical to a fast-food worker’s voice over the drive-thru’s intercom speaker.


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