September 23, 2023
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PODCAST: Interview With Creators Of ‘FACT OR FICTION? The Norfolk Sea Creature’

Matt and RoboBrian had a blast chatting with the creative minds behind this film. Keep scrolling to listen to the interview!

Check out our interview with the filmmakers, Jordon Sendall and Kyle Ball:

“‘The Norfolk Sea Creature’ is a feature-length documentary that delves into local myths and legends of this highly volatile being. From one radio enthusiast’s shed on the dunes of Eccles, to the golden sands of Great Yarmouth and back again to the eroding cliffs at Happisburgh, FACT OR FICTION?”

You can also watch the entire documentary on YouTube. If you’re wanting more, they also recently released the film Man VS. Creature | A FACT OR FICTION? Story, which can also be viewed on YouTube.

They’re even putting the final touches on a new film, The Creature from Scroby Sands. This film is a fictional film that was inspired by their Norfolk Sea Creature documentary. “A highly dangerous and volatile sea creature is on the loose in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk — as four teenagers arrive for a bloody holiday they will never forget.” To learn more about it, follow their progress on and

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