September 23, 2023
Paranormal Podcasts

PODCAST: The Spooky ‘Anson Lights’ in Anson, Texas

In this week’s episode, we chat with someone that’s witnessed the “Anson Light” in Anson, Texas. Hear all about it below!

Here’s an excerpt from the website

“These lights can be found sometimes by turning right at Alsupps toward the graveyard just outside of town. You then have to make a right turn down a dirt road that travels along the cemetery. Then, once you’re at the crossroads, turn the car around so it is facing the main road. Turn off the engine, and flash the headlights three times. It is rumored that after a few minutes, a white light slowly begins to travel down the road toward you.

It has been said to sometimes sway, dance, or change size or color and only happens on clear nights in warm weather. Legend says that the lights are a ghost of an 1800s woman who lived nearby with her three boys. She sent them out to chop wood, telling them to flash the lantern three times if they had any trouble. When she saw the three flashes, she ran out, but was too late — the boys had been murdered.

Now, the flashing of the headlights three times is believed to bring the spirit, hoping to find her boys.”

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