December 6, 2023

VIDEO: Spooky ‘Ghost’ Filmed During Argentine TV Show

During a recent episode of the Argentine TV show Fenómenos, which focuses on meteorological events worldwide, hosts were left utterly bewildered when an outdoor camera captured something incredibly eerie. While co-host Matias Bertolotti delivered the weekend weather forecast in the live broadcast, the show switched to a camera overlooking a boardwalk in Corrientes City.

Although nothing seemed out of the ordinary to the hosts at the time, an eagle-eyed viewer noticed a spine-chilling sight.

The viral clip swiftly shared on social media depicted what appeared to be a ghostly figure running along the boardwalk. Strangely, the entity seemed partly solid and partly transparent, creating an unsettling effect. The strange sighting caught the attention of the hosts during the broadcast, leaving them visibly astounded. “Look at this live footage,” exclaimed co-host José Bianco, pointing at the screen.

“It’s a person running and then vanishing. There are no legs,” added a perplexed Bertolotti, assuring viewers that there was no trickery involved in the footage.

The mysterious incident left both the hosts and the audience in a state of disbelief.

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