December 6, 2023
Bigfoot & Creatures

VIDEO: Guy Claims He Found A ‘Fossilized Bigfoot Thumb’ in Florida

A lot of strange things tend to happen in Florida, and this story shouldn’t come as a surprise.

A Bigfoot researcher believes he found a bone that could be the fossilized thumb of a Sasquatch. Connor Flynn of the organization Bigfoot Anonymous made the discovery while taking a peek around a creek in the community of Mariana.

He posted the video highlighting the rare find on his YouTube channel.

“It’s definitely a hominid thumb bone. There was no hominid species other than Homo sapiens in Florida at any time. They just didn’t evolve here.”

Flynn also talks about the fact that no one has ever really found the remains of a Bigfoot, and believes that the reason why is because “they just swept it under the rug.”

Sure, not everyone is convinced that Flynn found the fossilized thumb of a Bigfoot. The skeptical viewers are suggesting that he probably discovered the remains of a more common critter such as a bear. On the other side of the conversation, the supportive viewers are urging Flynn to have the thumb bone tested so it can be confirmed.

What’s your take on the boney uncovering?

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