September 23, 2023
Pop Culture Strange/Funny

VIDEO: Dude Puts 509 Lanyards Around His Neck For A Guinness World Record

An Illinois man with multiple Guinness World Records added another title when he donned 509 lanyards at once. Woodstock resident Salacnib “Sonny” Molina, a surgical nurse with 20 years of experience, tackled the record for most lanyards worn at once in tribute to the healthcare system that employs him.

Molina tossed 509 lanyards around his neck to successfully break the record.

The record attempt also raised money for the non-profit group Soles4Souls.

Molina’s previous records include most ultra marathons completed in a month (male), the farthest distance walking barefoot on Lego bricks, and largest collection of salt and pepper sachets.

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