December 6, 2023

Woman Tumbles Headfirst Into An Outdoor Toilet

She dropped her phone in first, which is why she got stuck in the first place.

This lady was willing to give herself a swirly in order to get her phone back.

Just northwest of Seattle, Washington, firefighters saved a woman who tumbled into a toilet. Brinnon Fire Department Chief Tim Manly said the woman, who was at the top of Mt. Walker, had been using her phone when it fell into the outdoor toilet, according to The Kitsap Sun.

Photo by James Frid:

Here’s how she wound up in the predicament: 

She took apart the toilet seat and used dog leashes to try and get the phone and eventually used the leashes to tie herself off as she reached for it. Well, it was a great effort but she failed and fell into the toilet head first. Now, this isn’t your average toilet. It’s a vault toilet, which is a system that doesn’t use water to flush away waste. It’s pretty much a large hole.

“They didn’t work very well and in she went,” Manly said.

Brinnon Fire Department

Wait, how’d she call out for help, though? The woman was obviously alone and tried to get out for 10-15 minutes, but once she was reunited with her phone, she called 911. Responding firefighters passed her blocks to stand on to reach a harness, which they used to pull her out of the vault. The Brinnon Fire Department said the woman told them she was uninjured.

She then washed herself with some water. The folks at the fire department “strongly encouraged her to seek medical attention after being exposed to human waste, but she only wanted to leave.”

“I’ve been doing this for 40 years and that was a first,” Manly said.

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