September 23, 2023
Credit: Facebook / Trapman Bermagui
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Mysterious ‘Nightmare Shark’ Caught in Australia

A fisherman reeled in this wonky looking shark and its species is still unknown

At least it looks like it’s smiling, right?

This creepy looking shark is sporting some bulging green eyes and a set of teeth that look like they belong in the mouth of Gary Busey. The unusual sea creature was recently caught off the coast of New South Wales at a depth of around 2,130 feet by an angler who goes by the name “Trapman Bermagui” on social media. After posting an image of the catch on Facebook, he was quickly flooded with comments from other users who were eager to figure out exactly what species the unusual shark could possibly be.

Some joked that the shark appeared to be wearing ‘false teeth’, while many others commented on its bizarre and disturbing appearance, labeling it “the stuff of nightmares.”

As for the species, many suggested that it could be a cookie cutter shark, goblin shark or lantern shark, but Bermagui disagreed, instead maintaining that it was most likely a rough skin shark, otherwise known as an ‘endeavor dogfish’ depending on which market it is being sold at. Experts, meanwhile, seemed to disagree with this identification, with some suggesting that it could be a deep water kitefin shark and others even putting forward the possibility that it could be a whole new species entirely. Whatever the case, you’ll certainly want to watch your fingers.

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