December 1, 2023
Aliens & UFOs

Dude Says He’s Been Abducted By Aliens At Least 60 Times

There’s a man from Yorkshire chatting to many folks about his encounters with “aliens” spanning over several decades.

Russ Kellett, who’s 58 years old, is a former Bradford businessman who now lives in Filey, North Yorkshire. Over the years, he’s documented several incidents in which he says he was taken away by an alien race in order to take part in an intergalactic-type war.

His first experience happened at the age of 16 while he was riding home on his motorbike. He remembers going through a tunnel and ending up in a room “like a dentist’s office” where he encountered 15-feet humanoid entities who were “like Dracula, but without the sharp teeth.”

Hey, I get it. Dentists can be scary.

“I had some sort of tube pushed down my throat, and whatever liquid they pumped into me, it turned me into one of their super soldiers,” said Kellett. “For the past 30 years, I have been part of their army fighting the opposing race, the ‘Dragos’ which are tall and scaly with heads like dragons. I’ve been gone for years, and people don’t realize, as four hours here is four years on one of the planets I’ve been to.”

Drawing of alien seen by Russ Kellett

Additionally, when he’s not taking part in numerous intergalactic battles, Kellett claims to have met up with other abductees that were hanging out on an alien spacecraft. This includes fellow UFO enthusiast and singer Robbie Williams.

“I would rather my truth get out there rather than other people’s lies,” said Kellett.

He says he has shared his stories with other abductees who told him the same thing had happened to them. Last year he told YorkshireLive about his first encounter when he was four and living in Girlington, Bradford. He says he saw a man wearing something resembling a “space suit and helmet” in the backyard of the family home in Kensington Street.

“He was walking in my garden – I could not believe it,” said Kellett. “I waved and he put his hand up. There was a silver object which I thought was a dustbin. He walked behind this silver object and the next thing it juddered and went up. I thought ‘what the heck is this.’”

A blurb from the book “E.T. Rider” describes his experiences as:

“A man’s account of countless close encounters with alien craft and abductions by an alien race. Taken by a group of aliens and put into a military unit, trained to fight as a super-soldier against their enemies on this planet and on many others in our universe. Coming to terms with memories of an alien planet and fighting different alien races as well as human races on Earth.”

Kellett has a second book out titled “The Berwyn Mountains UFO Cover Up – Alien Invasion Wales”, which looks at events of January 23, 1974.

In that book, he writes “Five men came across a landed craft and aliens. They were hurried along by the army who surrounded them.”

You can snag both of his books on Amazon, of course.

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