September 23, 2023
Bigfoot & Creatures

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Sasquatch Takes A Stroll On A Family’s Property In Washington

Some sort of unidentified hairy hominid was photographed in a remote area of Pierce County back in August 2020. The controversial image, which was submitted to the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization by an individual named J Louie, has been getting quite a bit of attention on social media recently.

Here’s what the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s website shared about the photo, in J Louie’s words:

“We used to live in Pierce County in Washington, we moved to New York due to work commitments. When we lived in Pierce, the house we lived in had a good-sized area of land at the back of the property. Me and my husband Tom used to set trail cams for our 3 young kids, we used to get some lovely wildlife and birds show up. Back in August of 2020, we checked the cameras one day and found a photo of a strange humanoid-shaped figure that had been captured by one of the trail cams. Not really sure what to make of the photo, we never showed it to the kids, it is very odd and peculiar looking, it does look like a long-haired humanoid-shaped figure covered in hair. I wonder if it could be some kind of Yeti or Bigfoot type of being? We have just upgraded our computer system, the photo was in a saved folder on the old PC, to be honest, we forgot all about it, not seen it in ages. I thought I would send it to you guys to see what you make of it? We found RMSO after a quick Google search and thought you guys look very open-minded, so we thought we would let you have the photo to use and share (if you do share it online please don’t publish my surname). We are not interested in this subject, the photo just sits in a folder on the PC unseen, we are considering deleting it for good. Let me know what you guys think?”

You can read the Rocky Mountain Sasquatch Organization’s response here.

It’s too bad the photo only shows a portion of the creature’s body. I mean, come on, bigfoot! Why do you have to either walk so close or far away from the camera?

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