September 23, 2023
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10 Wonky Candles That Smell Like Gasoline, Cheese & More

Are you tired of the old-fashioned candles that smell like lavender, vanilla, or pumpkin spice? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a whole heap of weird scented candles out there and quite a few of them happen to imitate the smell of cheese.

Pot Roast Dinner Candle

If you’re really nostalgic for your family’s cooking but don’t want to make it, and also love savory candles, this Pot Roast Dinner candle from Dio Candle Company is exactly up your alley!

Gasoline Candle

It would be cheating to populate this whole list with candles from The Stinky Candle Company since unusual smells are their whole point. Along with scents like pickles, pool chlorine, and grandpa’s pipe, you can also buy this Gasoline Candle if you want to get a friend a weird gag gift.

Cheese Candle

This Cheese-shaped candle is certainly cute, but I’m having trouble imagining a relaxing cheese odor. The Amazon description refers to the smell as a “charming cheese scent,” but that seems pretty difficult to replicate in candle form.

Warhammer 40k – Scent of Pestilence Candle

It’s nice that Warhammer 40k fans can get a cool candle after their favorite tactics game, but it was a strange call to design a candle after the Plague God Nurgle. All it says for what is smells like is that you should be ready to “embrace the scent of Pestilence.”

Mac & Cheese Candle

This Mac & Cheese Candle from DW Home looks perfectly fine, hand-poured with a layered cheesy smell, but if I smelled mac & cheese in the house that didn’t actually exist, I’d be pretty disappointed and have to start making some right away.

Buttered Popcorn Candle

Just like the old buttered popcorn jellybeans, I’m pretty suspicious of how good this Buttered Popcorn Candle would smell. Maybe someone who is obsessed with popcorn but cutting back will appreciate this gift.

Ramen Candle

Dio Candle Company has another interesting savory candle here with a Ramen Candle. Their attempt at a ramen scent includes a base of patchouli and a mix of sage, cumin, dry musk, garlic and basil. This doesn’t seem half bad, but if the candle smells convincing then you’ll pretty much be hypnotized into ordering ramen eventually.

Trail Mix Candle

iLikePar designs elaborate scented candles meant to look like food items including this very cool Trail Mix Candle. The scent is a simple vanilla, but the design ratchets the craziness up by a ton! Just make sure to warn your friends that they can’t munch on this pretzel.

Nacho Cheese Candle

“Stings the nostrils just like the real thing.  Our Nacho Cheese Candle will bring back memories of your favorite sporting event in no time.”

Smell My Nuts Candle

Now the flavor itself isn’t the crazy part here, but the very strong innuendo in the product name. You can get the Smell My Nuts candle, which actually seems like a nice mix of Banana Nut Bread, Toasted Coconut, and Hazlenut as part of the aroma, and it’s made in a nice mason jar style.

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