December 6, 2023

VIDEO: Spooky ‘Ghost’ Filmed During Argentine TV Show

The viral clip swiftly shared on social media depicted what appeared to be a ghostly figure running along the boardwalk.

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Bigfoot & Creatures

VIDEO: Bigfoot Caught Creeping Out a Dude in Virginia

While on a break from his work at a sawmill in the forested region of Lick Fork, Harley stumbled upon something that defied.

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Wonky Times Podcast

Wonky Times is all about strange things happening in our world. If you’re looking for wacky events, weird topics, freaky creatures, or Bigfoot,.

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Podcasts Strange/Funny

PODCAST: Things That Scared Us As Kids (PART TWO)

Matt’s buddies, Bob and Charles, join the episode and talk about things that scared them as kids (perhaps what still scares them to.

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Bigfoot & Creatures Podcasts

PODCAST: The Sightings & Sounds of Sasquatch

RoboBrian and Matt share a voicemail they received from John in upstate New York who had a pretty crazy Sasquatch encounter. Plus, speaking.

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