September 23, 2023
Aliens & UFOs

Protected By Aliens? Residents In These Two Mexico Cities Believe So

Some folks put on a nightlight to keep them safe at night. The residents of Madero and Tampico believe that nearby extraterrestrials are protecting the cities from hurricanes.

For example, this particular area has been avoiding some pretty destructive storms — Tropical Storm Karl is one of ’em. The big disaster of a weather situation took a sudden turn away from the shoreline and missed it entirely.

So, the local legend claims that the area in Mexico has been protected for over 50 years “by extraterrestrials who monitor Earth from an underwater base hidden a few miles off Miramar Beach called Amupac.” Before the alien base set up shop, both of these cities were kicked around by hurricanes in 1955 and 1966.

Restaurants are named after Martians and there’s even multiple souvenir stands selling alien toys, knick-knacks, and T-shirts with flying saucers and green men boasting of being the Playa Protegida — “Protected Beach.” 

Credit: Nathaniel Janowitz/Vice

In the area, there is a group of self-proclaimed alien investigators called the OVNI Scientific Investigation Association of Tamaulipas (AICOT for its Spanish acronym). Juan Carlos Ramón López, the group’s founder and president, is a well-known figure in Mexico’s extraterrestrial scene. He told VICE World News he visited Amupac in July 2013 during a guided meditation, using what he called his “astral body,” which is distinct from the physical.

He said that Amupac is “intraterrestrial” and “multidimensional,”

Also, he believes the city is made of crystal and some metals. Even stranger, he says that the city is inhabited by “nearly 10-feet-tall, thin and light-skinned beings” who had a more evolved “consciousness” with “energy radiating throughout the place.”

Overall, there’s been quite a few UFO sightings in the area over the years. Mexico, in general, has been a “hotspot” for UFOs, and its capital, Mexico City, was “put on the map” globally after several sightings in the ’90s.

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