Guy Says He’s Been Abducted By Aliens ‘At Least 60 Times’

The former Bradford businessman has written about his experiences in a book. Credit: HollandDesign / Pixabay There’s a man from Yorkshire chatting to many folks about his encounters with...

Woman Says Her Alien Boyfriend Communicates Telepathically Via Inflatable Alien

Emanuela Rose is hoping her E.T. partner will propose soon. Credit: “This Morning” lifestyle show So, there’s a woman, Emanuela Rose, and she believes that she’s in a romantic...

NASA Wants To Send ‘Nudes’ Into Space In Hopes Of Attracting E.T.’s

The message ends with an invitation for aliens to respond using their own telescopic technology. Photo by Mukul Parashar on Pexels.com So, yeah, you read that correctly. Researchers have put forward a proposal...


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