February 2, 2023

AI-Powered Shoes That Can Help the Blind Avoid Obstacles

The sensors detect obstacles and warns via vibration and an audible alert on a linked smartphone. Move over, walking stick. There’s a new

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‘Ghost’ Photobombs A Family’s Group Photo At A Lake

Family Photo Reveals That A Family Of Four Might Have Been Visited By A Ghost While Swimming. Back in 2014, Kim Davison, who lives

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Bigfoot & Creatures

VIDEO: Muscular Bigfoot Caught Taking A Stroll In Idaho

There’s a new Bigfoot video stomping around the internet and it’s actually pretty authentic. Well, get a load of this beast. I mean,

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Aliens & UFOs Science

Jogger Finds Creepy ‘Alien’ In The Streets of Sydney After Massive Rainfall

So far, nobody has been able to do identify the wonky creature. There are a lot of strange animals, oversized spiders, and unbelievably

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