YEE-HAW! World’s Largest Belt Buckle Unveiled In Texas

Montana Silversmiths was awarded a Guinness World Record in Dallas.

Photo courtesy of Guinness World Records

A Montana-based company broke a Guinness World Record when it unveiled a giant belt buckle measuring nearly 15 feet across in Texas.

Montana Silversmiths, based in Columbus, Mont., had the belt buckle shipped to its Dallas showroom in four parts, and the pieces were then assembled into the world’s largest belt buckle.

Guinness World Records confirmed the massive belt buckle, a replica of of the company’s most popular buckles, measured 10 feet and 6 inches tall and 14 feet and 6.4 inches wide, enough to claim the record.

The “Big Horn trophy” buckle features the silhouette of a cowboy with golden flowers, silver stars and the company’s signature silver filigree.

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“We are paying homage to a quintessential piece of the West and cowboy way of life,” Judy Wagner, Montana Silversmiths’ chief marketing officer, told Guinness World Records.

“The buckle is a perfect way to celebrate the industry and come together to showcase our lifestyle in iconic fashion. It’s a culmination of a lot of people’s hard work, it is amazing,” Wagner said.

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