VIDEO: Ghostly Mist Emerges From Creepy Dolls & Spooks A Cat

Wonky video was captured by a home security system in Canada.

Photo courtesy of Dogtooth Media / YouTube

45-year-old Kathy Gallinger, who hails from Quinte West in Ontario, Canada, first moved into her home back in October 2018 and quickly began to experience unusual occurrences such as objects moving on their own and sightings of shadowy figures in the darkness.

Kathy loves capturing evidence of the phenomena so she set up a webcam in her basement. Well, it didn’t take very long before she recorded evidence of a wonky encounter with her cat.

The footage appears to show a dark mist creeping out from her mother’s old dolls and scaring her cat. The dolls are pretty old, too, and date back to the 1950s.

“I think my house must be haunted. I love this house,” said Kathy. “The only way we’d consider moving was if it became violent or if anything was to harm any of us, of course. But as it stands right now, other than a few things moving and just scaring the life out of us, we’ve become used to it really.”

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With that being said, Gallinger says that she has no intention of moving since other than a few things moving and scaring the life out of ’em, they’ve become used to it.

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