Duck Hatches Her Eggs At A Florida Hospital’s Maternity Center

“We’re still ‘quacking’ up over this sweet story.”

Credit: Baptist Medical Center Beaches

A Florida hospital’s labor and delivery center welcomed an unusual “delivery” when a mother duck hatched her eggs in the facility’s courtyard.

Beaches OBGYN, the labor and delivery center at Baptist Medical Center Beaches in Jacksonville Beach, said in a Facebook post that staff escorted the mother duck and her 10 ducklings through the building after the eggs hatched in the delivery center’s fenced-in courtyard.

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The delivery center said the ducks had to walk through the building to get out of the courtyard, which does not have an exit to the outside.

“We’re still ‘quacking’ up over this sweet story,” the post said. “Congrats, Mama! We’ll see you in six weeks for your follow-up.”

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Matt Sterner

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