Tennessee Resident Gets Arrested For Firing A Shotgun At ‘Telepathic Aliens’

“Aliens have been relentlessly attacking me with telepathic communication.”

There’s a guy in Tennessee and he’s found himself in some deep trouble with the law because he allegedly fired his shotgun at a neighbor’s house in an attempt to scare away “telepathic aliens.” Apparently, these aliens have been tormenting him for quite some time.

The case reportedly occurred in the community of Rogersville when the police department received a call about a man shooting a gun in a residential neighborhood. When Dustin Winter, a deputy with the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office, showed up on the scene, he encountered a man named Jamie Lee McGuire.

Here’s what McGuire had to say about the whole thing:

“Aliens have been relentlessly attacking me with telepathic communication. I saw the aliens in a block storage building on the other side of his neighbor’s property. I ran and got a shotgun and began shooting at the aliens.”

The police report indicates that the man allegedly admitted to smoking meth the day before.

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Matt Sterner

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