Snake Rips Gnarly Farts As A Defense Mechanism

These snakes are cuttin’ muffins loud and proud.

Credit: Steiner Snake Guy / Facebook

Hey, it’s only natural. Farts happen when it’s necessary.

The Western Hook-Nosed Snake is a small snake that likes to set up shop in the deserts of the United States and Mexico, but its mostly famous for the shape of its snout and for ripping farts so that its enemies grow confused.

Now, these aren’t the silent but deadly type of farts (SBDs). These snakes are cuttin’ muffins loud and proud. Anyone with decent hearing abilities can hear the toots. Check out this video below…

Cobras and rattlesnakes have their deadly venom, constrictors like pythons and Boa have their strong musculature, but the western hook-nosed snake doesn’t need any of that.

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When the little slithering creatures feel threatened, they emit rumbling air bubbles from the cloaca — a common opening for excretion at a snake’s butt.

Experimental Morphologist at Lafayette College in Easton Pennsylvania, Bruce Young, chatted with Discover Magazine and said that western hook-nosed snakes produce their characteristic farts by using two sets of muscles. The body parts isolate a compressed pocket of air and then contract the cloacal sphincter to forcefully expel it.

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The loud farting sound made by these small snakes can travel up to 6’6 ft., too. The gas bombs are only about two-tenths of a second long and is usually repetitive.

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