crime scene do not cross signage

Box Of Human Heads Stolen From A Truck In Denver, Colorado

The box of heads was were intended for medical research.

crime scene do not cross signage
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“Pretty shocking. I guess I don’t see too many strange things happening around here usually, but you know you never know,” Isaac Fields told FOX 21 News.

Law enforcement in Denver, Colorado are investigating a pretty wonky case involving a bandit who stole a box of human heads. The box of heads were intended for medical research, though, and wasn’t a serial killer’s prized possession stashed in a vehicle.

The strange incident reportedly occurred on Thursday, March 3 when a random person managed to access the back of the truck — inside, a container bearing the words “Exempt Human Specimen.”

“Wow! I would have been so terrified,” said Fields.

Science Care is a program for donating bodies to science to help improve scientific research and education.

“Well, my wife actually does Ph.D. research at the University of Colorado Anschutz,” Fields said. “So, cadavers are definitely utilized in certain situations. And I’m assuming that was probably the case.”

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So far, no arrests have been made and the heads are rollin’ in or around the Denver area.

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