VIDEO: Huge Flock of Blackbirds Fall From The Sky In Mexico

Authorities are seeking help from veterinarians to investigate the cause of the mass deaths.

Credit: Guardian News

Is this UFO or alien related? Could it be possible that it’s the side effects of having so many 5G towers around the world?

Whatever caused this it’s wonky for sure.

The footage, which was caught on a security camera, is pretty shocking and jaw-dropping to say the least. It happened in Mexico, the city of Chihuahua, on Monday, February 7, 2022. If you watch the video, you’ll see a massive flock of birds oddly plummet to the ground. Some of them don’t seem to be well after the fall, while others got up and scurried off in a hurry.

The incident was reported by The Independent, which compares the scene to a horror film. Residents who saw the birds lying on the street quickly called the police. Now, authorities are seeking help from veterinarians to investigate the cause of the mass deaths.

The video was posted to Twitter by Reuters and folks on social media were quick to comment about the gruesome scene.

One user, without providing evidence for the claims, pointed his fingers at “magnetic field issues.” Others drew different conclusions.

“No their synchronized flight usually to confuse a falcon or some predator failed they were too close to the ground and buildings so they ran out of flying space to make a swift turn, some hit the ground some bumped into each other others broke wings,” another user said.

This isn’t the only reported incident — there’s been quite a few. Several incidents involved large numbers of migratory birds dropping dead around New Mexico, forcing scientists to study the cause triggering the mystery deaths.

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