New Camera System Is Designed To Detect UFOs

German university’s camera system is supposedly nifty enough to recognize UFOs zippin’ through the sky.

Credit: Hakan Kayal / Universität Würzburg

So, there’s something nestled up on the Julius-Maximilians-Universitat Wurzburg (JMU) building in Bavaria, Germany. It’s a small grey box that’s claiming to be a new “eye on the sky” for UFO researchers.

It’s the brainchild of Hakan Kayal — a professor of Science and Technology.

The new camera system is the latest in a series of prototype models currently in operation on the university’s roof. Its mission is to detect and analyze UFOs.

“Most of these observations concern known phenomena or objects such as birds, aircraft, satellites or clouds,” said Professor Kayal. “But for a very small proportion, the cause remains unexplained even after intensive investigation by experts.”

The SkyCAM-5 camera works by continually watching the sky while using machine learning algorithms to automatically dismiss known phenomena and other false detections. Over time, it will get smarter, enabling it to better detect a UFO if one does actually show up.

Kayal himself admits that it is still early days, however over time he intends to secure additional funding so that more cameras can be set up to expand the system.

Eventually, there could be a whole network of UFO-detecting cameras set up all around the world, thus making it possible to not only detect these objects, but also to track them over long distances.

You can read more about it at uni-wuerzburg.de.

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Matt Sterner

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