VIDEO: Bigfoot Sighting At A Lake In Kansas? Family Seems To Think So

Family Stumbles Upon Bigfoot Near Lake in Kansas?

Oh boy, it’s blurry. Sure, it’s cruddy quality. And, yes, it’s more out of focus than an uninterested eight grade student in school.

However, it’s rather intriguing — for a few reasons.

The wonky video was reportedly posted to a Facebook group devoted to a popular state park known as Cheney Lake. The witness didn’t really provide any information besides the fact that he “went for a drive around the lake just now and caught something strange on video.”

In the video, which is shot from the perspective of the driver of the vehicle, the dad is talking to his kids, stating that he’s “driving the girls out to check out some stars” and to “get away from the lights.”

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Perhaps the best part of the video is when one of the man’s daughters hollers “wait, what the heck is that right there?” Then she screams to take them back to safety. Whether it’s real or a hoax… it was still a lot of fun to watch.

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Matt Sterner

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