‘Loch Ness Monster’ Sighting At A Lake in London

‘Loch Ness monster’ seen miles away from home in London lake.

In the past, the Loch Ness Monster has been pretty popular with Scottish folklore for years and years, but now it’s poppin’ up its head in other parts of the world — apparently. However, that was the past and now we’re living in the now and it’s raising its long neck in England.

The mythical creature is surprising folks in Wimbledon Park, south-west London, which is miles away from its supposed home in the Scottish Highlands. The person who spotted the aquatic beast is Arek Chytros — he was taking his morning stroll.

He took a picture of what appeared to be the partially submerged neck and head of the creature, before sharing it online where it gathered much attention.

“That’s an escaped elephant. Anyone missing any?”

– Online skeptic

“F***ing wild swimmers!”

– Online skeptic

“On behalf of all Invernessians living in London, I can confirm that we endorse this message”

– Online believer

Since the photos were uploaded to the world wide web — also known as that place online where everyone thinks they’re an ‘Ol Nessie professional — the ones that believe it really could be an underwater monster have since compared it to the most famous photo from 1934.

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It’s got its similarities when you really take a look at it, but perhaps both are fakes. It’s hard to say and recent studies claim it’s not a descendent of a prehistoric creature.

Nessie Theories

Here’s the latest: Nessie was apparently spotted a whopping 16 times in 2021. Six official sightings were from visitors to the Scottish loch and the other 10 from webcam watchers around the globe.

However, some investigators are claiming that certain sightings of the large, mysterious sea creatures are actually whale penises. Well, that’s a plot twist.

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