VIDEO: Small Japanese Town Is A ‘UFO Hot Spot’ — Locals Embrace Its Reputation

In a small Japanese town with desolate streets and shuttered storefronts, aliens are said to be frequent visitors.

Credit: Vice News

The town doesn’t see too many visitors — unless they’re from other worlds.

Iino is considered a dying Japanese mountain town. The streets are desolate, storefronts are nonexistent or on the verge of shutting down, and aliens seem to be lovin’ the atmosphere in the town.

The news comes via a recent documentary from VICE and is based on the tiny town in Fukushima. It’s earned a reputation over the years because of its copious amounts of UFO sightings, strange magnetic “energy” fields, and mysteriously placed boulders in and around the area.

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In fact, Iino is so small that the UFOs and alien visitors is all it’s got going on at the moment. The locals don’t seem to care, though.

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Matt Sterner

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