Aliens ‘Could Wipe Out Life On Earth With Super Predator Weapons’

Former MoD UFO investigator has warned that we’d stand no chance against hostile extraterrestrials. Yikes!

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I suppose we’ve all been warned in some way, being that there are a good amount of alien invasion films out there, but now someone is finally speaking up and admitting that we’re all dead meat if extraterrestrials decide to create a stir here on Earth.

One of the most prominent figures in the field of UFO research, Nick Pope, who famously worked for the British Ministry of Defense from 1991 to 1994, is the person bringing all of this to light. In the ’90s, he was tasked with investigating reports of unidentified flying objects to determine whether or not they posed a risk to national security.

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In a recent interview with The Sun, he spoke cautiously about what might happen if an advanced extraterrestrial civilization decided to make its presence known.

“When European explorers encountered Native Americans, it was guns and horses against bows and arrows,” said Pope. “If we face an alien invasion, it would be stealth fighters against bows and arrows, and even that is understating the technology that they would have.”

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Additionally, he pretty much stated that these aliens would whoop our butts.

“Their technology would be indistinguishable from magic. It’s almost unimaginable,” said Pope. “The weapons that an alien civilization may have could wipe out life in a heartbeat.”

While Pope admits that there could be plenty of benign align civilizations in the universe, that won’t count for anything if we happen to come into contact with a hostile one first.

“It only takes the existence of one super predator species and you’re in trouble.”

Last year, the Pentagon eagerly anticipated investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs) with a worldwide publication. However, it concluded that 143 alleged sightings by U.S. military pilots since 2004 remain unexplained.

So, despite the lack of clarity, experts believe that this year could be a crucial year in attempting to uncover the UFO mystery.

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