Wonky Monolith Shows Up Just North Of Phoenix, Arizona

A monolith has appeared on the side of the road near Sunset Point along I-17. It’s made out of some type of reflective tape over wood material.

Credit: 12News.com

Do you remember that strange craze from a few years ago — mysterious monoliths kept appearing all over the world.

Well, now one has popped up near a scenic overlook close to the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The out-of-place piece is located along highway I-17 at a spot known as Sunset Point and was reported to an Arizona television station

For those who may have forgotten life before the pandemic, ‘mystery monoliths’ were all the rage following the discovery of the first such object in a remote corner of the Utah desert in November 2019.

The shiny piece captured the imagination of folks from all over and then that’s when it went off the handle. Monoliths kept appearing in locations all over the planet. You’ve gotta admit… they’re pretty neat for die-hard 2001: A Space Odyssey fans.

An investigation by the Phoenix TV station tipped off to the object determined that the sizeable piece is crafted out of “some type of reflective tape over wood material” rather than being made out of metal as most of the previously discovered monoliths had been.

Credit: 12News.com

The Arizona Department of Transportation indicated that the piece was not their handiwork and that it “appears to have been placed there by a member of the public.” The department went on to say that they will attempt to “determine if it’s a memorial of some sort and try to find who placed it there just to make sure it is handled appropriately.”

So, if this craze is back in fashion, where do you think the next monolith will be?

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Matt Sterner

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