The 1973 Film ‘Soylent Green’ Took Place In 2022. What Did It Get Right?

In 1973, ‘Soylent Green’ envisioned the world in 2022.

The year is 2022 and the overpopulated planet is experiencing some catastrophic climate change — muy caliente. Big corporations have excessive power over the government, and clean living is a luxury only a very tiny percentage can actually afford.

It may sounds like you’re reading a front-page headline in today’s news, but these predictions were documented about half a century ago in the dystopian film Soylent Green.

This isn’t the only movie that’s been predicting the future.

Take Planet of the Apes for instance. In 1972 the movie franchise released its fourth film, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes. It’s set in the year 1991 and imagines Earth in the grip of a lethal pandemic. That didn’t happen in 1991 in the real world but it’s sort of happening now.

Let’s talk about Soylent Green, though. It was set in the year 2022 and predicted some of the following things. You be the judge on how you perceive the storyline.

Soylent Green movie predictions

  • People are eating synthetic food because they’re desperate
  • Global warming is apparent and the temperature never drops below 90 degrees
  • Mass poverty, even in America, is driving people to extremes
  • Pollution is utterly revolting and out of control
  • The shelves are bare because the Earth is running out of food (a salad is nearly $300 at the store)
  • There’s almost 150 murders in New York City a day
  • Only the rich get to take showers
  • The population of New York City in 2022 will be 40,000,000
  • People are eating each other and they’re lovin’ it

The cannibalism part of the movie may sound familiar for 2022, being that Nostradamus predicted the same exact thing for 2022.

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Matt Sterner

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