‘MegaSpider’ Is So Brutal It’ll Bite Through Your Fingernails

So, an Australian zoo now has one one of the largest funnel web spider specimens ever found.

Credit: Australian Reptile Park

Just imagine if this little eight-legged creep sunk its fangs into Peter Parker…

If you think about it, the spiders in Australia are already bad enough, but now a gargantuan female funnel web spider measuring at a more than three inches across was recently donated to Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales.

“In my 30-plus years at the park, I have never seen a funnel web spider this big,” said the park’s education officer Michael Tate. “She is unusually large and if we can get the public to hand in more spiders like her, it will only result in more lives being saved due to the huge amount of venom they can produce.”

Why would someone donate such a terrifying creature, you ask? Well, it’s part of its ongoing anti-venom program, of course.

“People can bring any collected spiders to the reptile park itself. However, if they can’t get to us, we have drop off zones around Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle and all facilities are provided with a spider safety kit to house the spiders until the Australian Reptile Park staff can come and pick them up each week.”

Funnel web spiders are a particularly deadly species, with the largest specimens reportedly being capable of biting through fingernails and even shoes.

If that sounds horrifying, try to think about it differently. For example, with any luck, this particular monster’s venom will go on to help save many lives.

Credit: Australian Reptile Park

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Matt Sterner

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