Meet ‘Chupie The Cat’: Austin’s So-Called Chupacabra

“Everybody knows him when I go places now.”

Photo courtesy of Chupie the Cat on Instagram

It’s not a real chupacabra — or who’s to say it isn’t?

This unusual kitty has recently gone viral on social media, clawing in more than 30-million views on TikTok and making cat fans jolly as heck globally during the difficulties of the pandemic.

However, according to owner and Austin resident Michelle, who asked not to disclose her full name for privacy reasons, this wasn’t what she expected at all when she first made Chupie’s Instagram and TikTok.

Chupie’s claim to fame is his unique genetics.

Lykoi cats are named after the Greek word for “wolves” and often referred to as “wolf cats.” In the end, it’s a result of a mutation originally found in feral cat populations that have since become a pedigree cat breed.

“I joke that he’s a ‘meowtivational speaker’ because I really think that we sometimes live in really dark places, especially during COVID,” Michelle said in an interview with Austonia. “So if we can give them even a little part of their day, even if it’s 10 seconds where they feel joy, then it’s worth it.”

“Everybody knows him when I go places now,” Michelle said. “People are like, ‘Oh my God, is that Chupie? Can I feed him the crust of my pizza?’ He’s living better than me probably. We live our lives well together. But I’ve never done so many things in one weekend until I started making these videos.”

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Matt Sterner

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