12-Year-Old Indonesian Boy’s Name Is ‘ABCDEF GHIJK’

The kid’s father has always been a die-hard crossword puzzle fan and he’s always dreamed of becoming a writer.

Credit: CNN

There’s been a lot of attention directed at a kid in Indonesia and it’s because of his name.

The 12-year-old’s name is ABCDEF GHIJK. It’s unsure how to pronounce it but we’re all familiar with the series of letters. Someone actually named their son after the first 11 letters in the English alphabet.

The wonky discovery was accidentally made when the tween took part in a vaccination drive organized by the local police in Muara Enim district. At first, the local health workers thought the boy’s name was a joke when they saw it in the appointment list. However, it’s the truth and the boy’s name is seriously ABCDEF GHIJK — according to his official ID.

Credit: CNN

Photos of the boy’s documents and a name tag embroidered on his clothes went viral online after a police officer shared them on social media.

The boy’s father, Zulfahmi, told CNN reporters that he had the name prepared six years before Adef’s birth. Why, you ask? Well, he has always been a die-hard crossword puzzle fan and he had always dreamed of becoming a writer.

He loved the English alphabet so much that at he was planning on naming his second child ‘NOPQ RSTUV’, and the third ‘XYZ’. Although, Zulfahmi’s wife didn’t agree with the idea of using parts of the English alphabet as names for her children, so the couple’s next two sons were eventually named Ammar and Attur.

Good idea, mom.

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