VIDEO: Hunter Claims He Filmed Bigfoot With Hidden Cameras

Back in 2012, one of his cameras captured a mysterious figure that didn’t appear to be an animal or a human.

So, there’s a hunter in Michigan who went by the name of Craig Sulk — he died in April 2021 of cancer. However, he shared a video with the television show Finding Bigfoot before he passed away. The video was so fascinating that he knew he had to pass it along.

The 59-year-old led a simple life on his 80 acres of land in Menominee, Michigan, with his beloved wife, Barb, according to the New York Post. The couple lived in a one-room cabin and worked part-time jobs at a Subway restaurant and a gas station.

Oh, and they really loved hunting.

They loved it so much that they had set up several cameras in the forest to increase their odds. Back in 2012, one of his cameras captured a mysterious figure that didn’t appear to be an animal or a human or one of their wonky neighbors in the nude.

This led to Craig sending the foot to the reality show on Animal Planet. You can take a look at a clip from the episode down below.

“The very next morning, they called and said they were coming,” Barb told Spectrum News 1.

Craig had captured three shots of Bigfoot — the first was blank, the second showed the creepy figure, and the third was blank.

“We were getting phone calls from people who had seen a Bigfoot but never told anybody because people would think they’re crazy,” Barb said, according to the New York Post. “He didn’t put it out there until after Animal Planet came out, because he didn’t want people to think he was crazy.”

After the airing of the show, lots of people reached out to Barb about their sightings.

 “I had a lady come up to me one time, and she was just shaking, and said that she had to come out and talk to us because she said she can’t get it out of her head that she saw a Bigfoot looking in their camper window,” said Barb. “It was just so exciting. It just feel it’s a dirty, rotten shame that Craig’s dream had to end like this.”

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