10 Neat & Wonky Facts About Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’

We’re all aware of the story, but not too many know little details about it.

“There are mysteries that man can only guess at which age by age may only solve in part.” — Bram StokerWhether you’ve read the story or not, you’re aware of Bram Stoker and what made him famous — the introduction of the vampire character Count Dracula.

However, are there some not-so-known facts about his novel?

1. The original title for the novel was “The Dead Un-Dead”

2. Count Dracula’s original name was Count Wampyr

3. In Romanian, the word “Dracula” is translated to “dragon” and “devil”

4. “Nosferatu,” released in 1922, is considered an unauthorized film version

5. There have been more than 215 Dracula film roles

6. Actor Christopher Lee has been in 11 Dracula roles

8. Stoker’s co-worker at the Lyceum Theatre, Henry Irving, was the embodiment of all of Dracula’s mannerisms

9. Author Stephen King wrote “Salem’s Lot,” which was his tribute to Bram Stoker

10. The Count Chocula cereal is actually made out of blood, which gives the coloring to the chocolate-flavored bites (JUST KIDDING)

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Matt Sterner

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