Bat Wins New Zealand’s ‘Bird Of The Year’ Competition

The bat was included in the competition to raise awareness and support for the species, according to the statement.

Credit: Ian Davidson-Watts

New Zealand’s annual Bird of the Year competition has been won by the country’s only land mammal. It’s a pekapeka-tou-roa, or long-tailed bat.

This is the first time the bat has been part of the competition, which is organized by New Zealand’s Forest & Bird conservation charity, and well, it really knocked it out of the park. It won first place, in other words.

“Kiwis clearly love their native bat,” Forest & Bird’s Bird of the Year spokesperson, Laura Keown, said in a statement Monday announcing the result. “A vote for bats is also a vote for predator control, habitat restoration, and climate action to protect our bats and their feathered neighbous!”

Long-tailed bats are classed as “nationally critical” by the New Zealand Department of Conservation, which says they could face extinction if they aren’t protected.

“Long-tailed bats, or pekapeka-tou-roa, are a unique part of Aotearoa’s biodiversity, but lots of people don’t know they even exist,” Ben Paris, senior conservation adviser at Auckland Council and bat advocate, said in the statement.

Aotearoa is the name for New Zealand in the Māori language.The 2021 edition of the Bird of the Year competition was the biggest ever, with 56,733 votes cast, the organization said. The long-tailed bat received 7,031 votes, beating the kakapo, which got 4,072 votes, into second place.

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