Boston Dynamics’ Robots Now Have ‘Moves Like Jagger’

Boston Dynamics robot dog delivers spot-on Mick Jagger impression

Credit: YouTube / Boston Dynamics

Just when you thought the robots from Boston Dynamics couldn’t get any creepier…

The world’s greatest rock and roll band has finally met its match with the company’s wonky Spot as it whipped out its best moves. The video was a tribute to the The Rolling Stones’ 1981 hit (and Windows 95 commercial jingle) Start Me Up.

Over the years we’ve seen the company’s popular robotic dog ‘Spot’ perform all manner of impressive maneuvers, however we’ve never seen it perform a routine quite like this one.

It’s funny because these robots have the ability to dance better than many humans out there, and especially the engineers that designed the dang mechanical bot. I mean, I’m only assuming these nerds, I mean, intelligent engineers aren’t the best at dancing.

What do I know, though? Check out the awesome video.

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Matt Sterner

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