Woman Has Fallen In Love With A Ghost Named Eduardo

Singer-songwriter Brocarde appeared on the ITV show to share how her relationship, which she says is “very feeling and emotional driven.”

A guest on the UK’s This Morning television show had a fairly peculiar and otherworldly tale to tell tp its viewers — those who aren’t in the demographic that’s ready to believe such a thing.

The 38-year-old singer-songwriter, who goes by the name Brocarde, created quite a bit of attention on social media after appearing on the segment in which she explained that she was in a relationship with a ghost named Eduardo.

The ghost, who she says had died after falling down a well at the age of 35 years old, first visited her one night during a thunderstorm and quickly developed a close bond with her.

“A year and a half this spirit has been around, and it’s got progressively more intense,” she said. “You’ll feel like a breath of air going around your body, I’ll feel like I’m being embraced, I’ll feel hands surrounding me.”

“I literally feel there is someone I have a loyalty to, there’s a possession there.”

It’s not all roses and butterflies, though. Apparently, Eduardo gets jealous when she gets ready to go out with other men. The spirit goes as far as nudging her arm so that she ruins her makeup before heading out on the town.

However, the ghost is somewhat of a romantic, too. He likes to leave little hearts in the steamed up glass when she’s taking showers.

You can check out the full interview at This Morning.

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Matt Sterner

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