VIDEO: Apparent ‘Albino Sasquatch’ Spotted Hanging Out At A River Bank

Tourism group catches a glimpse of something that’s definitely out of the ordinary, but is it really a Bigfoot roaming around?

Credit: James Westman

Okay, so it’s yet again another video that’s in a lower quality when we all know that so many people have high definition cameras on their smartphones. However, if this video was taken from pretty far away from the river bank — which it most likely was — then the quality would make sense, being that the video was zoomed in in post production.

This means that the video was taken at it’s best quality at the time of recording, but then zoom in digitally afterward to get a better look at the “albino sasquatch.”

Although, it could just be a person wearing a white, hairy suit.

Take a look:

Another wonky thing about the video is that it doesn’t state where it was captured.

“Albino Sasquatch Sighting. While people ride a boat on a tour of some kind, A very large Humanoid shape is spotted on the river bank. Once the Sasquatch spots the boat it begins to run for cover. Massive and White, this Sasquatch is something special. If you saw the Albino Sasquatch in the woods video, then Imagine the day time this time. It’s so close you can almost touch it.”

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Matt Sterner

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