Weather Report OOPS: Cloudy With A Chance Of Pornography?

It was a short video segment, generally described as a small portion of the screen and lasted about 10 seconds.

Credit: Screenshot from the KREM weather report

There’s been a lot of mistakes on live television one is sort of reminiscent of that time an adult movie broke in over the Super Bowl. A KREM TV weather report in Spokane, Washington gave viewers quite the shock when a graphic pornographic video played behind the meteorologist.

Some people probably laughed but that doesn’t include the local law enforcement. They’re not investigating the situation, according to Heavy.com.

The website reached out to KREM to get more information about the fleshy scene and according to the Spokesman-Review, all they had to say was that the porn video appeared on-air and they’re not too sure how or why.

A Spokane Police Department news release says the Spokane Police Department Special Victims Unit “responded to a local news outlet during the evening of October 17 after a disturbing image/video appeared on the screens of viewers during the station’s weather report.”

“Around 6:30 PM on Sunday SPD began to receive calls regarding what was described as a pornographic or explicit image appearing during a television weather forecast,” police wrote. “It was a short video segment, generally described as a small portion of the screen, showing a separate image from the newscast of what appeared to be a possibly pornographic or explicit image. Estimates were the image / video lasted about 10 seconds.”

According to Ad Week, the station apologized.

“Those of us here at KREM 2 want to apologize for something that happened in our 6 p.m. newscast tonight,” said the station, according to TV Spy. “An inappropriate video aired in the first part of the show. We are diligently working to make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

The Spokesman-Review reported that the station faces the possibility of large fines from the Federal Communications Commission due to bans on explicit on-air content.

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