Strange Object Hovers Above The City Of Chicago

UFO over Chicago? Stargazer has ‘literally no idea’ how to explain mysterious black shape in sky.

Credit: Pen News / YouTube

Whether it be a UFO, an oddly-shaped drone, or a gigantic pair of floating headphones, it’s an interesting video nonetheless.

The wonky piece of footage of the object in Chicago left the owners of the video stumped. strange scene was reportedly filmed in September 2021 by a woman named Aiyana as she and her son stood on the roof of their home checking out the unusual flying object.

“I literally have no idea what it was. There is nothing comparable,” she said, “I felt total confusion and a bit creeped out.”

Near the end of the video, Aiyana and her son can be heard laughing about the odd shape in the sky and wondering what it could be. The son reminds his mom that they should both “logically about this.”

However, it’s hard to think in such a way when there’s no explanation.

Or perhaps there is an explanation. YouTubers took to their keyboards and spread their opinions in the comment section — some believing that it is actually a UFO from outer space, while others are assuming there’s a helicopter in the clouds above and the object is simply something dangling from the bottom of it.

Credit: Pen News / YouTube

“That’s not a UFO. That’s an alien space craft.”

“I finally found my missing compass.”

“God is throwing down a ladder to get the hell away from all these idiots on earth.”

Although their video is only about a minute long, Aiyana says that they saw it “float slowly southeast without any other major movement” for about 20 minutes.

“If observed for 20 minutes, where’s the other 19?”

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