VIDEO: Hiker Spots A ‘Sasquatch’ Hanging Out Near A Canyon

Video was shared to the YouTube channel Sasquatch Confessions.

Credit: Sasquatch Confessions

Oh, boy. There’s a new Sasquatch video stompin’ around the internet and is making quite the scene on YouTube. The channel named Sasquatch Confessions shared the video, but there isn’t much context to it.

For one, it doesn’t share where the video was taken, only that it was in a canyon.

Secondly, it’s a spry Sasquatch — moving a bit faster than what we’re used to seeing when someone captures a Bigfoot on camera.

“If you look closely when zoomed in there is definitely more than one Sasquatch there,” Sasquatch Confessions wrote in the description of the video.

YouTubers in the comments seemed a bit skeptical about the sighting and expressed their professional opinions about the video.

“I can only see 2 humans in costumes.”

“Definitely not Sasquatch habitat. Nice try.”

Then again, others found the video to be quite compelling and authentic.

“Cool video… you can see him really good!”

“Awesomeness! 👣👣”

So, what the heck do you think? Is it a phony Bigfoot or the real thing?

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Matt Sterner

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